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Tackling the problem of under performance in Functional Skills tests

V Learning Net’s Chief Executive’s Foreword



This project involving exploring the relationship between the learner’s Problem Solving Skills and the ability to achieve a functional skills qualification at an appropriate level has been a tremendous success. For V Learning Net and Transferable Skills Training CIC it has seen the closing of the circle with regard to holistic success for our young students over the last three years. Historically we knew that individuals had the basic skills and ability to achieve, however something always seemed to go wrong during the end Functional Skills Assessment.


This called for a new fresh approach. We firstly had to understand why things went wrong, then build on individual’s strengths and abilities and more importantly install a belief that they could write that report, make that presentation or solve that problem. If you have had seventeen years of failure and disappointment for example, how do you repair that damage and transform self-belief and confidence.


This project report highlights the forming a transferable, flexible new approach to teaching Functional Skills in a way that enables the fantastic achievement success experienced by our project this year. It would be true to say managers and tutors alike have all learnt a tremendous amount and I would like to congratulate everybody who has been involved in this project, for their effort and tenacity to find the solutions to what we faced. There have been huge challenges and times when we all questioned what we were doing. But in the end, the reward for us all has been on the faces of the young students when they have realised that success has come to them at long last.



Stephen Howard


V Learning Net

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