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What is New Tomorrow?

New Tomorrow is a one to one, support programme for people ready to find work, or those looking to take the first steps towards employment. The programme is exclusively for people living in and around Launceston –  we are also based in Launceston, offering you convenience and local knowledge.  

New Tomorrow provides the opportunity to work with a mentor (for weeks, months or more than a year) to discuss, plan and complete steps that will start your journey, moving forwards with your life.  

Our ‘New Tomorrow’ mentors are here to offer support and guidance, exploring your future goals and discussing any problems or barriers you’re currently facing, or have faced in the past.  

If you would benefit from further qualifications or training, we work closely with the tutors at Step into Learning in Launceston, to design a plan based on your goals. Step into Learning can offer: 

  • Short and longer-term courses and training 

  • Face to face and online sessions 

  • Support from your mentor and the course tutors to decide which option is right for you  

 If you are feeling worried or stressed about everyday life and that is stopping you looking for work, we can help and support you to gain a better understanding of how to get things back on track, taking one step at a time. 

Who can New Tomorrow support?

We can support you:

  • If you’re out of work (for whatever reason, even if you’ve never worked), or have a zero hours contract

  • If you live in Ridgegrove or Lanstephan we might be able to pay half of your wages for the first eight weeks to encourage employers to offer you a job

  • With childcare – funding available

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For those ready to start their employment journey

  • Support with cover letter and CV writing

  • Practice your interview technique

  • Learn how to overcome job application rejection

  • Communication skills

  • Work experience

  • Support when you start work

  • Get tips on how to stay in work

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How can New Tomorrow support you?

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For those who want to develop their qualifications

  • Health & Safety in the workplace e.g. construction

  • Digital and IT skills – basic to advanced

  • Counselling

  • Health & Social Care

  • Maths & English

  • CSCS card

  • Personal & Social development

  • Many more

For those who need to develop their personal and social skills

  • Building confidence and motivation

  • Stress management

  • Teamwork

  • Improving personal finances

  • Developing a healthier lifestyle

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For an informal chat with one of our friendly team, please call, email or contact us via social media
T: 01566 701828 / 07930 678023

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