Foundations 4 Work

Foundations for Work is an exciting new community project funded by the European Social Fund and Cornwall Council. The project provides local help for local people by offering tailored, one-to-one support delivered by highly skilled Work Mentors.

The service is FREE to anyone in the Cornwall area and seeks to empower clients with the self-belief, skills, motivation, and confidence to progress into employment, self-employment, or further training/education and build a brighter future for themselves.

Who do they help?

People who are:

· Unemployed

· On zero hours contact

· Economically inactive

How do they help?

A visual representation of how Foundations For Work aids their participants

A testimonial from one of their participants shows just the impact Foundations for Work has on the local community:

“Foundations for work was a great help to me during my time of unemployment. I had been unemployed for a month when I met Jon and I was struggling to stay motivated. He organised a meeting straight away and helped to identify where I needed support. He encouraged me with my job search and supported me in the application process. I managed to secure interviews at some of the leading engineering companies in the UK and I am confident I will be back in work after a month of support. The anxiety management training was a particular highlight, which helped me to build my confidence and redirect my energy more efficiently for my interviews. I want to thank Jon and the team, and I want to encourage anyone who is unemployed to seek out Foundations for Work, as they will help in any way they can to best suit your needs”.


If you are interested, please contact or 01566 701829 for further information.

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