Interesting Christmas traditions around the world

With the current climate, the ‘Work from Home’ and ‘Stay at Home’ mandate has now become the norm in our lives. Last Christmas, many of us couldn’t even spend the holidays with our loved ones, let alone travel abroad to immerse ourselves in what Christmas looks like in a different country - this year it may be no different. Although, that doesn’t mean you cannot learn from home.

At V Learning Net, we provide aid and training to learners from all over the globe, such as America and Poland. The ways in which Christmas is celebrated can differ greatly in their countries, so let’s take a look at how.

Source: CultursMag


To commend the season here, the vast majority of the practices are like the ones in the U.S, as Liberia has a weighty American impact — it was established in 1817 by the American Colonisation Society and settled by liberated American slaves.

Liberians go carolling, decorate Christmas trees and even paint their homes (in the event that they don't paint them by mid-December they can be fined). A key distinction, nonetheless, is the custom of Old Man Beggar. Old Man Beggar is known as Santa's companion who puts on performances to depict social commentary and teach Christian morality. It is said Old Man Beggar targets stingy Liberians who may brush off another’s “My Christmas is On You” traditional greeting, which means that person is in need. As for family meals around this time, goat soup and biscuits are plentiful.

The Philippines

Known for having the longest holiday season of any other country, Christmas celebrations in the Philippines start as early as September. There are parades, festive lights, carollers, life-sized nativities and concerts galore. There is also the preparation for the homecoming of millions of Filipinos who work and live abroad. NPR reports there’s even a popular holiday song in this country that describes the annual Christmas homecoming called “Sa Araw Ng Pasko,” which means “On the Day of Christmas.” The celebrations run through the First Sunday in January when the Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated, and foods expected on every table include roast pig, cheese, noodles, fruit salad and ham.


Boże Narodzenie, or Christmas, is celebrated from December 25 through December 26, according to, and as in other parts of the world, it’s a time to spend with family and friends and eat a lot of good food. In this country, Christmas Eve dinner is the most important holiday meal, and it includes carp, dried fruit, cabbage dishes, and beet and mushroom soup, to name a few. On this day, the Christmas tree is also decorated and hay is placed in corners of the room, as well as on the dinner table, to remind everyone of the reason for the season — Jesus’s birth in a humble stable. Before the meal, the Christmas wafer is also shared, as wishes for peace and fortune are shared around the room.

Those are just a few examples of how Christmas celebrations are so vastly dissimilar in different cultures. Interesting, right?

This year at V Learning Net, our Christmas holiday starts on December 17th - in which we close the office and spend the festive season with our families. We cannot wait to return on January 4th to start a fresh year and provide more learners with the training they need. We hope you all have an amazing and safe Christmas.

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