Jonathon's service at Tregadillett Church

Our fantastic Foundations 4 Work mentor, Jonathon Reynolds, delivered a service at Tregadillet Church last Sunday (30th of January), which was Ecumenical, encompassing all Christian faith branches. A diverse audience drawn from scattered rural communities in the area and was extremely well received.

He had to choose hymns and Bible readings to complement the ‘Work’ theme of the service. At the end of the piece, Jonathon tried to draw to a conclusion by illustrating his work with Foundations Project and speaking on the positive impact he felt he was having working with clients and the testimony/feedback he has been receiving from clients and from the wider community, who have witnessed the positive changes in attitudes and behaviour that clients, who are known to them, have been demonstrating. Jonathon put in a serious amount of preparation time considering his words, their impact and how the religious elements of the service complemented his message.

Additionally – Jon will be attending/speaking at the ‘Churches Together’ Event at Gateway - this Wednesday evening (9th of February) at 7pm. Churches Together allows the wider community to be informed about relevant events that are taking place in Launceston. Well done to Jonathon, who is a credit to VLN.

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